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Lost Weekend

Author to Author: Exploration, Influence, and Writing

Lost Weekend Schellingstraße 3, München, BY

**Three authors of various genres, one from National Geographic, one from a Top 5 publisher, one with years of publishing experience as an author and managing director.** **One stage, *one powerful discussion.*** What does it mean to be an author? How do your personal experiences of exploration and adventure impact the way you write? Why […]

Lost Hooks: An afternoon of songwriting

Lost Weekend Schellingstraße 3, München, BY

Have you ever heard a piece of music and thought. "Hmm, that needs a hook?" Ever written your own lyrics to a popular song? Are you interested in songwriting but never given it a try? Big into poetry and wondering if your words can fit with some music? **It's time to show off your skills**! […]

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