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The Finish Your Book Challenge: Part Two
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The Finish Your Book Challenge: Part Two

Thu, Aug 25
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Online event

Do you have a book begging to be finished?
Do you have an idea you want to start and get on market but need help?
**Welcome to our five part Finish Your Book challenge!**

***This will be the last chance to join this challenge. From this point forward, only people who have attended the first two sessions can attend the final three.***

We started in July with the goal to have our books ready for a group upload party, to query, or to move into final editing by November. This group is more intense than our monthly First Thursday goal setting sessions but just as supportive and encouraging.

It’s Part 2! Bring your goal, your updates and be ready to be set with accountability partners.

Depending on the group size we will break out into smaller rooms to discuss this, or if it’s small, we will stay in one room and share our projects. This makes them more real and helps your fellow Happy Writers ask better questions to keep you moving!

* **The following challenge dates and topics will be:**

**Thursday, August 25:** Writing and deadline updates
**Thursday, September 22:** The finish line for draft one and manuscript swap for beta reads, cover design discussion and resources
**Thursday, October 20:** Manuscript self-edited, secondary editing deadlines, and final questions on your manuscript, discussion on tools for formatting
**Thursday, November 17**: Group upload party and publishing

In between these sessions we will have workshops on cover design, formatting, self-editing, keyword research and more to guide the team and keep us online!

Additionally, anyone who joins from start to finish will be able to pair up with our service partners for discounts on keyword research, editing, cover design, formatting, and more.

To join any of the future dates, you must have attended workshop day one as it will be difficult to add people in and re-explain the process later on.
We cannot wait to finish these projects with you and throw one heck of a party on November 17 when we all upload our books!


Date: Thu, Aug 25
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Place: Online event

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