Are you looking to increase your productivity? Do you want to write more words with likeminded, encouraging, positive authors?

Join us for a write in! Our evening write-ins run every Wednesday morning from 9:00 AM CET to 12:00 AM CET.

Our Wednesday morning write-ins are hosted by Amie McCracken.

Here’s an example of how the meeting might run. Depending on how many people attend, the timing might be slightly different. If you arrive into the room and mics/cameras are off, we are already writing. We will great you on the break in person, but your host will send a welcome message to the chat with a link to the timer.

9:00 – (Virtual) Door’s Open

9:05– Introductions and goal setting

9:30– Writing begins for 60 minutes

10:30 – Break for questions or help

10:45– Timer reset for another 60 minutes

11:45 Farewells and Good-byes.

Online events will be hosted on Google Meet:

Happy Writing Socials:



September 13


09:00 am - 11:00 am

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